Accounting Services

Your goal is to make your business successful. Let KMA handle the bookkeeping and administration side of things. We have the experience and tools to help you keep the financial side of your business running smoothly and efficiently – so you can be free to focus on other things.

We can help your business with the following:

Accounting Services

  • QuickBooks hosting services
  • Record income transactions
  • Record accounts receivable
  • Enter vendor invoices
  • Pay vendors
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
  • Enter credit card transactions

Prepared Financial Statements

  • Close books each month and prepare accrual entries
  • Reconcile balance sheet accounts
  • Provide monthly reports for balance sheets, profit & loss statements, and statement of cash flows

CFO Services

  • Provide CFO monthly reports
  • Forward looking income forecast
  • Cash flow projections for 6-12 months
  • CFO recap report
  • Monthly client meetings to review progress
  • Evaluate business opportunities and capital expenditures
  • Available for consulting

Our fees are structured on a basis of volume, making our services affordable. Contact us today to get started!

Accounting System Management

Our experts help you choose the most appropriate accounting method, establish an efficient chart of accounts, nail down beginning balances, and develop key performance indicators for tracking the health and productivity of your business processes.

We provide expert setup and training for QuickBooks® and Peachtree software programs. Our team of QuickBooks® Certified Pro Advisors can help answer your questions along the way.

Forensic and Fraud Accounting

At KMA, we have the resources to help our clients navigate difficult situations like fraudulent accounting practices. Over the years, we've provided expert accounting opinions, testimony, information, and analyses in many civil and tax court legal proceedings.

We've learned what the courts and the IRS require, and provide  well-defined answers to questions and interrogatories. We help identify and prevent future problems by implementing risk-reduction techniques, and designing processes to help you stay in line with tax laws. Our goal is to ensure there is no fraud and/or loss of assets. We work with your legal counsel to help them represent you and your interests.

Please note that KMA does not provide legal representation or legal advice; you should seek the counsel of a licensed attorney when dealing with any type of legal issues.