Tax Services

Unlike most large firms, our experienced partners are fully involved in your tax requirements, from planning to filing – and everything in between. Enjoy a working relationship with your true tax partner; one that focuses on your business needs.

Tax Planning

We go beyond basic tax compliance and proactively recommend tax-saving strategies to help maximize your after-tax income. We take the time to understand the current state of your business and find out what your future plans are. Tax planning opportunities we help uncover for our clients include depreciation of property, plant, and equipment, financing for major purchases, amortization, staffing, and more.

Tax Preparation

We understand the tax code and how it affects your business. We’ll help you stay organized, and find ways to minimize your tax liability. At KMA, we can help ensure that your taxes are prepared accurately and to your maximum benefit.

Estate and Trust Planning

Protect and preserve your wealth, with strategies to distribute your estate with the fewest tax implications possible. We work closely with you to craft a plan around your business and personal requirements to achieve your goals.

Some types of estate and trust planning may need or require an attorney’s involvement. KMA does not provide legal representation or legal advice; you should seek the counsel of a licensed attorney when dealing with any type of legal issues.